Thursday, August 11, 2016

page 64!

that's Dan's Climb on page 64 of Keepsake Quilting!
i'll tell you the short version.

in 2009 my mom was diagnosed with lymphoma.
in 2010 our friend dan, who is a firefighter here in western washington, participated in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb which is a fundraiser for the LLS (Lymphoma Leukemia Society).
when he found out that she was battling lymphoma he asked and climbed in her honor.

my mom and dan heading off to the award ceremony
for the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb award ceremony.
during the time leading up to the stairclimb my mom was between treatments 
and i was asked by a friend to design a quilt pattern.
then in 2011 my mom was told her cancer wasn't gone.
it was more aggressive than originally thought and she would need a stem cell transplant.

there's a lot that goes with any transplant.
the toughest part for my parents was my mom was going to need 24 hour care for three solid months after the procedure.
naturally that care would fall to my dad.
which meant no work.

they would need help financially.
that is when i realized i could hold a fundraiser to help them out.

dan's climb was my first mystery quilt for a cause.
we raised $800!

my mom's cancer is gone.
she is still recovering from the stem cell transplant but is otherwise healthy.

and dan?
he's gone to climb more of the Scott Firefighter Stairclimbs, though this year was his last
due to knee and back problems (darn old age *wink*).
seriously...they climb 69 floors (that's 1,356 steps) in the Columbia Center in downtown seattle in full gear.

the quilt design reminded me of stairwells and, thus, the name of the quilt.

it's still one of my very favorites and a stunner in Jinny Beyer's Malam Batiks fabric.
you can find the kit over at Keepsake Quilting.

and if you live nearby i would love to sign your catalog!
(i say that tongue in cheek because it feels quite surreal...but if you really want me to i will.)

all right...back to quilting!


~ h

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