Friday, August 5, 2016

hey y'all! big announcement...

i've decided to use my flip flops to announce that next year we are moving back to australia!
(totally serious, folks.)

as well, on august 31st i will be closing the longarm quilting portion of my business to focus on the girls and quilt pattern design.

*long pause*

this blog post has been pushing at me for a couple of weeks now.
no idea why it took so long for me to write it!

i'm not typically into shock factor.
which this news certainly has a lot of.

so here's the answers to your question of "why?!?"

as for the move...
our trip in january was nothing short of amazing.
near the end of it we realized it was time to go home.
we want to go home.

as for closing my business...
three reasons...
(there are four but the last is the move to au)

1) i started the business to provide for my family should anything happen to D.
(he was making some pretty bad life decisions at the time.)
that time has long passed, thankfully.
the need for the business in that regard is over.

2) i've poured 9 years of the girls lives into the business.
now it's their turn.
and i'm struggling to do both well.

3) i'm dealing with some deep personal issues.
i need time to sort through it.

so there you go.

the last few years have found me mired in inconsistency.
i've done very little well!!
that's a sure sign that things aren't coming together.
i kept thinking, "if i hire someone..."
or "if i offer..."
or "if i work harder..."

but the reality is that all those things only add to the chaos
not make the current chaos easier or more manageable.

needless to say we are all looking forward to the break.

it was an extremely hard decision to make.
i cried.
a lot.
for two days.

but when it was all decided i felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders.
and i'm looking forward.
i'm filled with anticipation again.

this is the end for only one part.
and, i think, it's a beginning to so much more.

the blog won't go away...and you'll still be able to find me on facebook and instagram.

there'll be one more mystery quilt in october.
after that it'll probably be april 2018 for the following mystery quilt.
the spring quilting retreat will continue as my friend colleen will be taking it on.

so there you go...the new changes we've got going on.


~ h

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