Tuesday, August 30, 2016

another change

i don't know why i did it.

the history is this:
after going to Quilt Festival in 2014 i made a serious of choices.
i decided i needed a website with a shopping cart.
the website i had at the time was insufficient and all the parts that i was utilizing weren't attached to each other.
it was a lot of work to get everything updated.

so i did some searching and decided on a website company that focusses on quilting businesses.
it seemed reasonable.

i chatted with them and put down A LOT of money and in the spring of 2015 my website was ready.

then at the end of september last year i got an email notifying me that the website company had been sold and i needed a new website and it would cost me more money on top of the A LOT that i had all ready spent.

since it was right before Quilt Market i decided to put the problem on hold until i got home.

by the end of 2015 i had made my decision on a new website company, one with a broader background and would cost me less every month.
this was a good wise choice.

i spent a good portion of the last 8 months adding, tweaking, writing and making this website become functional.
as i'm not a techie person this was more than my poor brain could handle.
and then the calls started.
that my website wasn't hitting on any of the search engines.
more money.
or more time.
and more of my patience with a topic that was strained to capacity.

then the beginning of august happened and i realized that my next step was to close the longarm quilting portion of my business.
a huge relief.
but, i was counting on that money to pay for the website until patterns really took off.

back to square 1, it felt like.
i'm thinking about the website again.

then i do what i always do...
start researching.
that's when i discover that etsy is now doing websites.
it's connected right with the shop.
and that's when it hits me...
that's what my next website move is.

when i update the shop, it updates the website.
it also connects right with facebook and pinterest.
and it's cheaper than other website options.

heaven opened up and the angels sang!

as we speak the website is populating and is down.
i also do not have email for a few days.
once it all comes back online though it'll be so good!

right...we're going to head out and do some errands.

hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weeks!


~ h

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