Friday, August 26, 2016

in transition

i am in transition.

and today, of all days, has caused me to stop and realize that this transition is probably one of the best decisions i've ever made.


today i did laundry.
wash, hang, and stand in the sun, hot on my back and warming to my insides causing me to break out in a sweat.
then to take it off, folding all the fresh crispness into a neat pile ready for drawers.

i picked apples, put them in the crockpot, peeled and sweet then, when they were finished, i canned the cinnamon-y sauce.
four jars.
two big.  two little.

i cleaned up from the 12 year old birthday sleepover.
plates, cups, spoons, food...blankets, pillows, quilts...
deflated mattresses.

i hugged my girls.
one fresh from the tent.
the other fresh from staying over at a friends.
i fed them.
told them to take showers.

we did school.
abi first.
chloe second.
spelling, handwriting, quiet time then math.
it took an hour.

i'm putting a quilt on the frame.
i've answered emails.
i looked for curriculum.

i snuggled my puppies, scritching their ears, rubbing their bellies, telling them how wonderful they are even though they don't understand the words.

for years i felt i was living a trade-off.
it was quilt for others, the responsibility and commitment i made.
or take care of my family another responsibility and commitment i made.
and yet i could never quite get that juggling act down.

but that the closing of my business is in sight...i've felt a relief of burden.
i'm sleeping in a bit.
i'm slowing down.
paying attention.
taking care of my people.

i'm stopping and smelling the proverbial roses.
and you know what?
it feels really good.
really.  really.  good.

because, you know the saying,
you've only got this one life to live.

it's a really good life too.

so now i'm off to finish putting this quilt on the frame,
and to roast a chicken,
and to find my phone which seems to have disappeared somewhere.

this is funny.
it's huge, my phone.
how i can lose it is beyond me!


~ h

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