Saturday, April 30, 2016


well...maybe not victory as in i defeated something.
more as in victory i accomplished something i didn't think was possible.

*deep breath*

the short story:

my Dan's Climb pattern is going to be in Keepsake Quilting.

i'm feeling ridiculously giddy.
they wanted Jack of Hearts too but the fabric line for that quilt is no longer available.
which makes me a wee bit sad.
but the Dan's Climb news overcomes the sad by about one thousand million times.

this only adds to my other exciting news:

i've signed a contract with a publisher!!
all the bits i've been struggling with (writing, illustrations, editing, printing, barcodes...)
i will get all the professional help and advice i've been needing.

and as if that isn't enough,
my mum's the word is finished (you know, the one i've been posting about) though i think i forgot to photograph it.
plus, i'm about two feet from the finished binding 
on a quilt for a new pattern (no photo forthcoming yet).
and...well, i've been very busy conquering my stack of to-do's.
there will be a lot of good stuff coming up shortly.

once i can get D's attention for a couple of hours we'll even have the website ready to go.

when that happens we'll post about the kits for The Kind-ly Pinwheels quilt,
the wide back fabrics and so much more.

:D, quilts for this week...

Joan's Hawaiian Quilt
with Breath of the Gods pantograph in a dark gray thread

Beths' horse quilt
with Dusty Miller pantograph in a variegated tan thread

bindings ready for their quilts!

Rhonda's minkee baby quilt for her new granddaughter
with Double Bubble pantograph in a pink thread

Beth's quilt
with Mid-Century pantograph and navy blue thread
it's been a VERY good week over here.
now i'm off to get ready for ballet, homeschool prep and a binding for my Elevation quilt.

may your day be filled with wonderful blessings.

~ h

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