Saturday, April 2, 2016

quilts for the week

i keep wondering if it's appropriate to have that as a regular title...

other than a lot of gardening (our yard makes my heart happy with all its' pretty blooming flowers), i really don't have a lot to say.

well, okay.
that's not entirely true.

i've had quite a few people ask about borders and backings.
so i will start that post after i show you what i worked on this week...

joan's motorcycle quilt.
quilted with double bubble but really big with yale blue thread.

carla's fall star quilt.
quilted this one with indian summer pantograph with a variegated rust thread.

carla's christmas horse quilt.
we used the holiday garland pantograph with a light brown thread.

one of my ufo's!'s about 7 years old.  finally got pillows made.

carla's flying geese quilt.
very modern!
used bauhaus pantograph with a variegated light blue thread.

kathleen's log cabin quilt...custom quilted this beauty.
feathers in the large black areas.
stitch in the ditch in the red and small black areas.
cross hatching in the outside border.

close up of kathleen's quilt.
the markings are with a chalk that washes out.

sherry's raiders quilt for her brother.
double bubble pantograph with a dark gray solid thread.
so here's the deal, folks.
we live in hawks territory.
as you can imagine D said, "charge them an extra $50 for bringing that thing into my home."
as they were standing right there they knew it was a joke.

i've got a few projects of my own going at the moment.
here's to pictures to keep you guessing...

can you guess?!?
i hope not!
but they're really good!


~ h

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