Saturday, April 16, 2016

this weeks happenings

i've had a lot going on this week.
surprisingly, it's all been steps forward.
not one has been backwards.
and that, my friends, is a huge sigh of relief.

jackie's farm girl vintage barn silo quilt
yippee ki yay pantograph with white thread
aside from quilting client quilts i've managed to make some thank you gifts,
finish two baby presents,
tidy my office and get some gardening done.
i don't say all that to make anyone jealous...i think i'm reiterating that i can, in fact, cross more things off my to-do list than things that get on it.

you see, for several years now i've been so overwhelmed 
that i'd stash stuff places with the intent in getting to it "later".
but "later" never happened.
it was bad.

i was finding photos that i meant to mail to people.
clipping the dogs nails.
projects that were stacked up but never touched.
stuff to go to a thrift shop.
re-potting plants...

the list is huge.
and it, at times, feels quite overwhelming.
but i decided that if i start a to-do list (i found a pad at target in the $1 bin),
keep a running list of what needs to be done 
(not writing EVERYTHING down at once but only when i think of it),
then maybe, just maybe, i can sort things out as i go.

it's been amazing.
yesterday i crossed off FIVE things.
that didn't include things like washing my shower curtain.
or making a little thank you gift for one of my pattern testers.

my attitude towards the to-do list is changing.
it's no longer an unyielding slave master.
but my tool in sorting myself out.

and that feels really good.

and it means i can work.
when i'm able to work unhindered it's a soothing balm to my soul.
i think it's because i'm able to do the work my hands were created to do.

below are some of the projects i've worked on the last two weeks.
you'll note that my mum's the word is now quilted!!
at the moment the binding has been attached and i've started hand stitching the binding.
by next week's post there will be a completed picture of it.
*so excited*

the very last picture you'll see is my little cuticus maximus standing next to bolts of fabrics.
*nervous excitement*
we've been "threatening" for about 6 months to start carrying kits for my patterns.
well...we did it.
kits aren't made yet.
it's on my to-do list (ha!) and i'm planning on tackling that on monday.

we're also getting wide-back fabrics in!
5 so's a start.

i'll post a picture of those next week too.

so there you go.

this week's happenings in a nutshell.

i hope you have a lovely weekend!

~ h

katie's modern quilt
bollywood pantograph with white thread

my mum's the word!
passion fruit pantograph with a pink/orange variegated thread

jackie's lilac heart quilt
butterfly bliss pantograph with a variegated light purple thread

helen's star quilt
mistletoe pantograph with a dusty pink thread

helen's walkabout quilt
dusty miller pantograph with a dark blue thread

jackie's bloom quilt
belladonna pantograph with a light yellow thread

dawn's hawaiian snowball quilt
bell blossom pantograph with white thread

nancy's star quilt
independence day pantograph with red thread

barbara's flower quilt
seafoam pantograph with a light grey thread
max is introducing tree party fabrics with polka dot wide back fabric.

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