Thursday, October 1, 2015

i'm here...and i'm alive

it's been an overwhelming couple of weeks.

the hardest part was the email i got nearly two weeks ago (on friday) that the website company i went with for my new (yes!  NEW!!) website had sold to another company and now i need (yes!) another new website.

*hangs head*

NOT what i needed right now.

well...okay...after a day of shock and several webinars we settled on a new company and now i (friends with fabric but not so much with technical computer stuff heather)
get to build my own website
(because i don't have the money to hire someone else to build another one).

and here we are.

you and i with this new blog.

but the more i do this i realize that i think i'll like it better.

there's a calendar on my new website
(that i managed to add on my should be cheering right there).

there's a page for wholesale ordering.

there's a store for patterns...and a part for longarm machines...and...whatever else i can come up with.

so for now this is my opening blog for the new blog site.

i promise it'll get more exciting.


vastly more exciting!

quilting on,

~ h