Saturday, October 3, 2015

fruit fly infestation

i'm probably opening myself up for all sorts of help.

which i don't need...because i know what the problem is.

we have, in our backyard, an apple tree.

and those apples are all old and filled with worms.

they fall and then, you guessed it, they are a treat for the fruit flies.

of course, they want nothing more than to hang out in my house.

it's ridiculous.

so, instead of picking up the apples, i'm in the office with two fruit flies flying around my head writing a post about them.

the logic escapes me.

i'll go pick them all up when i get home from dog training.

and i'll get abi to help.

of course, "get abi to help" means actually paying her some cold hard cash.

totally worth it to destroy the swarm...

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