Thursday, October 8, 2015

buzzin' right along

getting ready for the trip to fall market has been overwhelming at best.

in the midst of it, though, i still have regular work to tackle.

so here's what i've been up to:

jan's quilt ~ quilted with Rhapsody pantograph in white thread

audrey's quilt ~ quilted with Turtle Tales pantograph in a brown variegated thread

barbara's quilt ~ custom quilted in a rainbow variegated thread

kathy's quilt ~ quilted with Jeffrey's Star pantograph in blue thread

today i've got a halloween quilt on the frame,
painted boxes for the booth at market,
cut ribbons,
went to a sale at one of my lqs that's closing,
and got some work done on the new-new website.

now it's time to take the girls to ballet at which i will work on the jack of hearts pattern.

slowly but surely i will get it all done.

~ h

p.s. i know y'all are wondering about the fruit flies...managed to get the apples collected and thrown away and set out apple cider vinegar traps.

i am winning that battle!!

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