Friday, June 3, 2016

i'm here!

believe it or not my silence has meant that i've been SUPER busy.

which is a good thing!

at the moment i'm finishing the website.
truly, i've been putting off this final bit.
because i'm not a techie geeky type person.
i'm a quilter.
and though i could learn it and probably enjoy it if i did it EVERY day...
i simply don't want to
which means when i have to do totally sucks.
because i simply don't know how to.
which means i rely on people who talk into techie lingo and i'm absolutely lost.
i spend way too much time trying to decipher their words.
it hurts my brain.
so if you think about me today know that i'm probably stressed to my gills (i just went from a 1 minute wait time to 11 minutes!!) and just want to go play with fabric.
because it does what i want it to most of the time.

*deep sigh*

venting done.

update (30 minutes later):
the first stage of finishing the website is done!!

and here's the fun i've been having with other peoples quilts!

Kathy's adorable owl quilt.
Garden Owl pantograph with a light green thread.

Nancy's Christmas Poinsettia quilt.
Quilted with Mistletoe pantograph in a cranberry red thread.

Nancy's flying geese quilt.
quilted with Nouveau Feathers in a light brown thread.

Debbie's butterfly quilt.
Quilted with Butterfly Bliss pantograph in a variegated purple thread.

Barbara's stinking cute elephant quilt.
Quilted with Lather, Rinse, Repeat pantograph in a variegated cream thread.

Dawn's hawaiian boat quilt.
Quilted with Curlz pantograph and a variegated light blue thread.

Sylvia's modern diamond quilt.
Custom quilting.

Sylvia's modern diamond quilt.
Custom quilting.

Sylvia's modern diamond quilt.
Custom quilting.

Carla's floral diamond quilt.
Quilted with Crimson Rose pantograph and variegated bright purple.

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