Monday, May 30, 2016

s'more bites

hello! i am chloe, heather's daughter, and today i discovered s'more bites.
i told my mom 'you should write a blog about them because they are so delicious!'
and she replied 'why don't you write a blog about it?'
and so i am.

you will need:
coconut oil
cocoa powder
maple syrup
graham crackers (gluten free ones would work for this recipe)
tooth picks
parchment paper
baking sheet
small bowls

step 1:

first you will need to make your homemade chocolate
you will need
6tbsp of melted coconut oil
6tbsp of cocoa powder
2tbsp of maple syrup (or another sweetener)

mix all of these in a small bowl and there you have your chocolate!
It is also very tasty on its own.

step 2:

crunch up your graham crackers
you will need 
3-4 crackers

i put my graham crackers into our blender, and it came out well, but you could 
also crunch them with your hands or a meat tenderizer.
when your graham crackers are crunched enough, put them in a small bowl.

step 3:

stab your marshmallows with toothpicks
you will need

you need to put a toothpick right in the middle of all your marshmallows.

step 4: 

line your baking sheet with parchment paper

step 5:

dip your marshmallows

next you will need to dip your marshmallows into your chocolate
this doesn't take very long, but the chocolate can sometimes not want to let
go of the marshmallow.
right after i dipped one marshmallow into the chocolate, i dipped it
into the graham cracker crumbs, then placed them on the cookie sheet.

step 6:

once all of your marshmallows are adequately dipped into chocolate and
graham cracker, you can either eat them right then or put them in the

leave them in the freezer for an hour and once they are done, enjoy them!

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