Saturday, September 10, 2016

it's fair time!

the washington state fair is happening right now!
i love going to the fair.
for a little while at least...
i like it just enough to look at the quilts, ride a couple of rides and look at some animals.
then my inner introvert kicks in and the noise gets to be too much.

this year i had a lovely surprise waiting for me in the home arts department.

kathleen's modern quilt

barb's beautiful chickadee quilt

gayle's red, white and blue log cabin
aren't they just wonderful?!?
it's the perfect way to end my professional longarming career.

and my quilts??
cornerstone got an honorable mention

silo barn quilt got third
i'd be lying if i said i was pleased.
really, i expected better.
and yet, i also knew that, due to lack of time, my quilts
wouldn't ribbon higher because i simply don't custom quilt my own quilts very often.
also needs to be noted that i'm an over-achiever.
try to keep everything in balance, right??
next year!


congratulations to everyone who won ribbons!!


~ h

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